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Beauty By Jackie offers exceptional freelance bridal makeup in Long Island NY, Nassau County,  Suffolk County NY and surrounding areas.

Jackie came up to me and my sisters and asked if I found someone for make-up. She introduced herself to us and briefly informed us about her services. She gave me her card and a few weeks later, I decided to do a trial with her. Jackie came to my house for the trial which I felt was very convenient, not that I wouldn't have traveled to her.


Jackie was very friendly, she wasn't there just to do my trial, she did ask about me and wedding details so that she could get more of an idea of who I am. When she asked what I use on my face, I did tell her nothing and explained that my I have sensitive skin and I haven't found anything that works well. I am someone who goes everyday without makeup and even told Jackie that my sister would do my make-up if there was a small event. I showed Jackie a few pictures, natural looks, and she agreed with my preferred look; I did tell her that I did not like the "caked on" look.


Jackie was very informative with everything that she was doing and giving me tips along the way. She was very professional and very easy to talk to. After she was done with my make-up, I was impressed, not because of her talent but just looking at myself in the mirror; I loved what she did and she did keep me with a natural look. I was very pleased with the outcome and will be so happy for her to do my make-up for my wedding.


At the end of the trial, she even gave me a home made facial scrub and recommended a moisturizer which I love. I highly recommend Jackie for anyone who is looking for a make-up artist, you will not be disappointed.



Mairead Naughton,

Mineola | Long Island, NY

(Bridal Makeup in Long Island NY)

I highly recommend her to anyone who needs any assistance with enhancing there look with M.A.C makeup. I must say that when I left the store, I held my head up high and actually felt beautiful and I still looked natural. This Morning I was able to redo what she did and it looks great. After my pleasant experience at the store I will continue to be a customer of MAC.

Thank you.


NYC, New York

(MAC Makeup NYC)

Long Island Makeup Artist:

With someone as valuable as Jacqueline, she has the capability of running a successful business. Her passion for her work is immense.


Garden City | Long Island, NY

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